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The SRCS Mailing List:

We now have a mailing list. Feel free to join, even if you don’t live locally. The more, the merrier!

The list host is Google Groups. Despite appearances, no, you do not need a Google account to join, nor must you use their horrible web interface.

That said, Google Groups has lately developed an offensive tendency to conceal how to interact with itself via email. The list’s posting address is seattle-retrocomp@googlegroups.com, and anyone who has subscribed to the list can post by sending an email to that address.

You can subscribe via email by sending a message (any message) to “seattle-retrocomp+subscribe@googlegroups.com” from the account where you want to receive messages. It will send you an automated reply; ignore the big, shiny “Join This Group” button in it and just reply to that message to confirm that yes, you are doing it on purpose.

Other Contact Information:

Inquiries about most aspects of the SRCS (no sales inquiries, please—that’s what things like Craigslist or online auctions are for!) may best be directed to our administrator at searetcompsoc@gmail.com via email. Currently this means Gordon “gsteemso” Steemson, whom you may also reach via AIM, Skype or Yahoo instant messaging with the handle “gsteemso”.