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The SRCS gets together on the fourth (NOT the LAST!) Saturday of each month, barring inconveniently placed major holidays. As detailed on our “Location” page, we meet in Redmond.

Next Scheduled Meeting:

  • Our next regular meeting will be held on Saturday, January 27th, 2018, from 11:30 AM to 5:00 PM. WE ARE NOT MEETING AT ALL IN DECEMBER.

Most meeting attendees drop in and out throughout the scheduled time, and staying for the entire duration is welcome as well (though only the person entrusted with the door key absolutely HAS to).

What to expect:

There are several long tables (though, alas, inconveniently narrow ones, as modern laptops are a lot smaller than most of OUR much more interesting gear). They are well-supplied with power outlets.

One of the tables always has food on it (more on that below).

Sometimes, when people bring relevant items to pass along to fellow enthusiasts, we also set up a little Buy-Sell-Free-Trade table – though for legal reasons, that in itself is explicitly not one of our reasons for meeting.

Many fellow attendees will have brought things to show off and/or work on. If we’re very lucky, someone will feel up to giving a full-blown, informal presentation on theirs. You’re welcome to do any of those things as well, but none of it is expected or required! We’re not pushy. See the “what to bring” segment below for the nuances.

Now, more about that “food” comment: Each meeting lasts five and a half hours. People get hungry, so a food supply is non-negotiable. There’s no realistic way to predict attendance except in broad terms. Obviously, just one person trying to cater our meetings would be impractical. Thus, we feed ourselves on a pot luck basis.

Please bring a bit of something to share – all you need is a little more than you’d want to feed yourself, plus maybe one or two other people. An entire pot of something is most likely overkill. (A relevant observation: If you wouldn’t eat it yourself, no one else at a meeting is likely to either. Effort is good; further-thought-through effort is better still.)

What to Bring:

Firstly, you need a little bit of food for the pot luck.

Secondly, it’s perfectly fine to merely show up to enjoy seeing and discussing the stuff other people have brought. However, if you have memories, anecdotes, opinions, artefacts, projects, plans for projects, or even pie-in-the-sky speculative ideas for projects, we welcome you to bring them! There’s an amazing amount of depth to retrocomputing, and there’s almost always something new to discover.

In short, any kind of old hardware, software, firmware or wetware can be seriously nifty. Whatever your preferred computational vintage, we want to see the gear and/or ideas you want to show us!

TEMPORARY NOTE: There’s supposed to be an RSVP list down here which lets people say whether they expect to attend, and optionally to also request that someone bring a given bit of gear they’re short of – like an unusual cable; or perhaps a relatively common but very bulky item that they have no way to bring with them, such as a cyclist who needs a CRT monitor to properly show off an 80s home computer. That’s the only reason this site includes a “user account” feature.

Unfortunately, the list mechanism stopped working quite a while ago, and no one’s had time to properly repair it yet. (Yay time management!) It will be back when we get our collective acts together.