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The SRCS gets together on the fourth (NOT the LAST!) Saturday of each month, barring inconveniently placed major holidays. Our venue is the Black Lodge Research hackerspace in Redmond, as the most excellent Living Computer Museum is no longer in a position to host us now that they are open to the general public. Happily, the Black Lodge is also quite excellent.

Please note that our change in venue to the Black Lodge was accompanied by a change in the provision of comestibles. Food is now on a Pot Luck basis. Please bring a bit of something to share — all you need is a little more than you’d want to feed yourself plus maybe one or two other people. An entire pot of something is most likely overkill.

Next Scheduled Meeting:

  • Our next regular meeting will be held on Saturday, January 23rd, 2016, from 11:30 AM to 5:00 PM. Please note that there will, once again, not be a December meeting, as the fourth Saturday in the month falls on the 26th (that’s the Boxing Day holiday to us evil lurking Canucks).

At the meeting, there will be table space and power to set up anything you want to show off—short of Big Iron, of course. (When people bring relevant items to pass along to fellow enthusiasts, we have been known to set up a little Buy-Sell-Free-Trade table, as well.) In addition to attendees informally showing one another what marvellous things they’ve collected or been working on, we sometimes have repair parties or actual presentations. More of each are always welcome! Come, show off a bit and become famous! Or infamous, if you prefer — that works too.

What to Bring:

Any kind of old hardware, software, firmware or wetware can be seriously nifty, so whatever your preferred computational vintage, we want to see the gear you want to show us! Our former host museum, for example, has an impressive lineup of minicomputers with which the museum staff are doing quite a few interesting things. Plus, of course, you need a little bit of food for the pot luck.

Here is a list of other members planning to attend the next meeting, as well as what they are planning to bring (and yes, we are pleased to announce that entries here will no longer linger past the meeting dates). If you’re not listed here and would like to be, just sign up for an account and fill out the RSVP ticket in your “My Account” page! We won’t even ask for money, advertise things at you, or demand your limbs or your first born!

gsteemsoPacks of NOS 5-1/4" floppy disks for the CP/M copy partyMore buy-sell-free-trade gear. Unsold items can't be left though.
fvzappaLots of stuff to give awayPeople to take my stuff
marmotkingwhat is a cp/m copy party?
athanaSomeone who can fix my analog TV ? Video works fine BUT not antenna !KayPro computer, maybe I might bring Apple //gs software
AbeHome brew PS/2 to Atari 8-bit keyboard adapterFor sale: Upgraded Atari ST/STE systems.
JasonAtari 800, 8088 era PC components, misc items for sale/trade
Hypergensome blank 5.25 and 3.5 inch floppy disks, and a Kaypro II software and/or games for the Apple IIGS or Kaypro II computer